A busy week for the Blue, with the miserable weather getting everyone out of their offices for a nice lunch by the warmth of our fire.

Friday, we had another busy night with a big surprise party joining us so lots of screaming and jumping out keeping us on our toes.

Saturday, lots of bookings throughout the day so people could get their slot In front of the big screen for the rugby. With both games working up an appetite the food was flying out of the kitchen and again, the Six Nations burgers were a huge hit.

Sunday, was a quiet day for us with everyone recovering from a busy weekend of sport and drinking. Just a few bookings to keep us going and some walking groups stopping by for a local ale and warm drink to soothe the souls.

That evening we had 5 teams in for the quiz and finally a snowball winner taking home £107!!

Looking forward to doing it all again this weekend, see you all then!


Assistant Manager, Blue Anchor