With the weather not being the best this week, and the ‘Beast From The East Part 2’ hitting us late in the week, you would have thought that people would have stayed indoors away from the poor weather, but you would be wrong!
Once again it was another brilliantly busy week here at the Blue Anchor, with each passing day getting busier and busier with more bookings come in to join us.  Right from the start of the week, we had a few bookings come into the pub to enjoy some of our amazing home cooked food, with customers especially enjoying our pies, which in this weather is well needed to keep yourself warm.
With a few more bookings visiting the pub as the week progressed, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time spent here with us, with plenty of compliments on the quality of food.  Once Friday came around, the pub picked up even more as everyone had finished work and could finally unwind and prepare for a great weekend, with St. Patrick’s Day and some great sport on offer, with the final weekend of the 6 Nations taking place.  Friday evening saw a very busy night, with plenty of beverages being consumed and all customers in great spirits.
Saturday was the big day of the week, with some incredible Rugby on offer as Ireland chased after the Grand Slam in the 6 Nations for only the 3rd time in their history, along with everyone else getting into the party spirit for St. Patrick’s Day.  Straight from opening, the pub was packed out, with plenty of Guinness being served as always is with St. Patrick’s Day.  As the day progressed, the pub only got busier as many groups came in to watch England take on Ireland in the final game of the 6 Nations, which ended with Ireland walking away with the Grand Slam title, after deservedly beating England 24-15.  The celebrations for the Rugby and just for the day itself continued throughout the whole evening as a couple of parties joined everyone else in the pub.  With a great atmosphere within the Blue Anchor, everyone had a great time spent here.
Sunday was another busy day, but not as busy as the Saturday was, with quite a few people feeling a little delicate.  With Sunday Roasts flying out of the kitchen, as usual, all customers really enjoyed their meals, helping cure a few sore heads in the process.  Sunday Evening then saw our Weekly Pub Quiz take place, with 8 teams participating this week.  The Snowball was not won this weekend, meaning it will roll over for next week’s Quiz, where it will once again be available for everyone to try and win.
We now look toward what should be yet another busy week here, with a couple of parties already booked in for the week, along with this snow finally ended and the sun coming back out, warming everyone up and giving customers a chance to sit out in our great pub garden!

Manager, Blue Anchor

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