The Blue Anchor has been massively busy over the last couple of weeks with the nice weather, meaning the garden has been packed out from open until close with customers coming down to enjoy the sunshine and warmth in our amazing garden.
With multiple bookings and a few parties, food has been flying out of the kitchen, along with many BBQ Buffets and Hog Roasts being served.  Everyone who has been in for the food has loved every minute of their time spent here with us, as well as thoroughly enjoying their meals.  Along with this, we have been showing the World Cup, which has bought unlikely customers and supporters in for every single game, especially the England matches, which has brought with it a patriotic and friendly atmosphere with everyone truly enjoyed their most recent victory over Panama.  Everyone is now waiting with baited breathe to see how we play against Belgium on Thursday and to then see who we will play in the first stage of the Knock-Out Rounds. Make sure if you want to watch the game, that you get here early.
Our weekly Pub Quiz saw 7 Teams take part this Sunday just gone, with the Snowball also being won, with the winning Team walking away with £25.  It will now start again this coming Sunday where it will be available to be won at £20.
We expect yet another busy week as the temperature hits the dizzying heights of almost 30 degrees, meaning the garden should be packed once again throughout the Week, along with all the Bookings that we already have in our diary for this week.

Manager, Blue Anchor

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