Well, where to begin! What a busy Christmas week it has been here at The Blue Anchor.

Throughout the whole of the week the pub has been busy from open until close, with everybody in the festive spirits and thoroughly enjoying their time here with us, along with some well deserved time off from work for the Christmas period.  With the open fire roaring, food flying out of the kitchen & the awesome aroma of Mulled Wine filling the pub, everyone truly enjoyed all of their meals and drinks, with compliments from all the customers.  Christmas Eve saw the busiest day of the week, with families and friends coming down to us to have a Christmas party, enjoying the Christmas music & drink quite a bit!  With Boxing Day & Sunday being slightly more subdued due to everyone having their fill of alcohol & turkey on Christmas Day, there was still a vibrant atmosphere within the pub as there were still people out and about enjoying that little bit more of the festive period.

Bring on next week & New Years Eve! 90’s & 00’s Cheese Night here at the Blue Anchor!! We are hoping for a ‘cracker’ of a New Years Eve!

Manager, Blue Anchor, Reigate

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