After another great week at the Blue Anchor, we quickly look back at what occurred during the week.

With the lunchtime trade picking up through the week as customers come in to find the warmth by our open fire, Food has been flying out of the kitchen, with empty plates and compliments coming back from everyone.

This continued throughout the week and the whole weekend, with people loving our Mulled Wine this week to help keep the cold at bay.

With families and joining us through the weekend, with Sunday being one of our best days last week, and parties joining us during the evening, everyone truly enjoyed their time spent here with us.

Sunday then finished off with our Weekly Pub Quiz, this week with 5 Teams taking place. The Snowball was also won, at £73! It will now start again next week at £18.

Don’t forget, we have a few spaces available for Christmas, but you better be quick if you’re looking for someone to book that office party.

Manager, Blue Anchor, Reigate