With another busy week behind us, we recall on the week’s events. Last week started off at a nice pace with a few families and office workers coming in for food and drink in the evening. Wednesday came and we saw a large booking of sixty who dined and wined with us until close alongside our lovely locals and regulars. Who all left with smiles on their faces and their bellies full.

Thursday presented us a similar day with yet another large booking who enjoyed our wide range of beers, wines and spirits.

Friday started off our weekend in great stead, with a full pub of local office workers, families and friends all coming in for their Friday lunchtime meal. The pub stayed full all evening with punters and workers coming in for a few drinks after work and throughout the night.

Saturday was more or less the same, with everyone sitting and relaxing out in the garden whilst soaking up some of the sunshine with a drink or two before the evening came.
Sunday ended the week with a bang, with thirty quiz walkers coming in to enjoy our delectable roast dinners along with floods of families. in the evening we saw the pub full again for the quiz who was hosted by one of our part-time staff Kieron who hosted the quiz with and fun twist. Unfortunately nobody won the snowball Sunday which brings the snowball to £33 for next Sunday.
And on top of all that…… We launched our Christmas Menu, so we hope you check it out.
We look forward to this week and hope of another busy week and nice weather.

Corbin Bridgeman
Assistant Manager, Blue Anchor

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