With yet another busy week behind us, we look back at what has been occurring here at the Blue Anchor.
The week started off reasonably busy, with each passing day getting busier and busier.  With the cold outside setting in, many customers came in to warm up by our open fire which has been roaring throughout the whole week, whilst also warming themselves up with a nice hot glass of our own Home-made Mulled Wine, which everyone has been thoroughly enjoying.  With the colder days, our pies and stews have been making a comeback, which goes well with a Pilgrim’s NEW Ale, a traditional English IPA (5.0%) that tastes absolutely brilliant.
Along with this, we also hosted our Christmas Taster Evening on Thursday, which went down an absolute treat for the customers that won a spot to join us for the Evening.  If you are interested in booking a table here with us for Christmas, then best book fast as spaces are being taken up quickly!!
With this continuing through the week day, once Friday hit, the pub picked up even more as everyone welcomed in the start of their weekend and a couple of days off work.  With a couple of parties coming to join us on both Friday and Saturday, the pub had a great atmosphere about it with everyone laughing a joking as they caught up with friends and reminisced on their week’s events.
Saturday was another busy day, especially with plenty of firework  displays going on around Reigate, the pub was bustling with customers all wrapped up and ready to go and enjoy the show.  After their events had ended, everyone flooded back to the pub to try and warm themselves up whilst having a couple more drinks to finish their night off.
Sunday was, as always, another busy day as the pub was packed Sunday lunchers. Sunday Evening then saw our weekly Pub Quiz take place, this week with 8 teams participating.  However, the Snowball yet again was not won, which means it now rolls over to next Sunday where it will be available to win once again at a total of around £120!
We now look forward to what should be yet another great week here at the Blue Anchor with a few parties coming down to join us, along with the usual busy trade that makes this pub one of the best pubs to go to in Reigate!

Manager, Blue Anchor

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