What another great week here at The Blue!!

With the sun shining all throughout the week, office workers, families and local customers were once again flocking to the Blue in large numbers to enjoy some more of our great home-made dishes as well as soaking up some more sun whilst enjoying a couple of beverages.

This trend continued throughout the week, with the weekend being an extremely busy one. Friday evening saw the start of the weekend for most people, so the pub is always the first stop. With the garden once again packed, the BBQ burning with burgers flying off the grill, everyone was enjoying the food and the great atmosphere.

Saturday saw the hottest day of the week, which meant another very busy day at the Blue. With the BBQ in full flow, much food and drinks were being consumed, the customers were in great spirits, packing out the garden the whole day and evening and thoroughly enjoying their weekend.

Sunday didn’t slow down, with the weather once again being amazing, the garden packed out very quickly. With large groups and parties joining us for the day, the Sunday Roasts and our other Home-made dishes were once again the order of the day. Sunday Evening hosted our regular weekly Pub Quiz, with 8 Teams taking part. The snowball has once again rolled over, meaning it is now up to around £55.

Manager, Blue Anchor, Reigate

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