With another good week behind us, we look forward to what this week will bring us.

The start of last week saw a slightly quieter start to the week, with many families departing the country for their Summer Holidays now that the Schools have finished for the Summer, although all of the office workers still came down to enjoy a spot of lunch with a couple of pints in our garden.

This trend continued throughout the week, with Friday kick-starting everyone’s weekend. Friday saw a very busy day at the Blue, both the day and the evening having the garden packed with a host of parties being held in the pub on that evening. With no-one being put off by the storms and rain on Friday, a great time was had by all.

Saturday saw a slightly calmer day, with couples and others coming down to enjoy some of our BBQ food, whilst watching a spot of cricket being played from the garden behind the pub.  There are some great shots on our Facebook page

Sunday once again saw many families and friends come down to have one of our fantastic Sunday roasts, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the food that they had ordered. The evening bought another one of our weekly Quizzes, with a total of 8 teams taking part, with the Snowball yet again rolling over, amounting to a total of around £65-£70!!

Manager, Blue Anchor, Reigate

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