Wow, what a week that has just gone by here at The Blue Anchor!!

With the whole week being extremely busy from the start, the week has flown by here! With Christmas parties to start off the week from Monday through to Wednesday, with everyone involved having a brilliant time, and absolutely loving their Christmas meals that they had ordered.

Thursday continued the trend with another large Christmas party joining us for the afternoon, then we were treated to a Christmas Carol sing-a-long on Thursday evening which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, with the whole pub joining in to sing some of the Christmas Favorites!

Friday saw what everyone likes to ‘Black Friday’ in the pubs, which was our busiest day of the week.  With the pub packed from the Start of the day, the pub stayed busy throughout the whole day & evening.  With food flying out of the kitchen, copious amounts of Mulled Wine being consumed along with other beverages, everyone was fully in the Christmas spirit, enjoying all the food that they had ordered & left having had a great time here with us.

Saturday & Sunday did not slow down in the slightest, with it continuing to stay very busy throughout both of the days, with families & friends coming down to have a spot of lunch here with us.  With everyone having nothing but compliments for the food and empty plates coming back to the kitchen, the customers all thoroughly enjoyed what they had ordered.

They were joined by a few more Christmas parties, as well as a couple of Christmas jumper pub crawls, who also all had a great time whilst they were here with us.  Sunday evening saw another very busy night, as well as our Pub Quiz taking part, with 6 teams involved this week, however no-one was able to win the Snowball, so that will now roll-over to the next quiz, where it will be around £50!

Bring on Christmas Time!!

Manager, Blue Anchor, Reigate